ChefConf 2016 Talk

Writing DSC Resources and using them in Chef for Windows

Windows management is all about taking advantage of the rich API surface that features and products have to offer. This API surface includes cmdlets, WMI, etc. PowerShell is the platform of choice on Windows that binds together these various API surfaces and brings out the best management experience. Therefore it is a natural and obvious choice to expose declarative configuration in Windows using PowerShell Desired State Configuration. DSC is a platform that allows any management solution to consume its artifacts and Chef on Windows provides an awesome integration. Chef can consume any DSC resource and the resources get executed in the context of the DSC agent process providing the best possible use of the API surface as well as desired performance characteristics. In my session at ChefConf 2016, I spoke about how to write DSC resources and how to consume them using Chef for Windows. You can watch the video below

You can download the slides and code here

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