Thank You Microsoft...

By Nana Lakshmanan Comment

…for the amazing memories.

Back in November 2005, I relocated from India to work at Microsoft on a project code named Monad.It was a wonderful journey of 11 memorable years. Journey that was filled with oppurtunities. I could participate in efforts that were forefront in the company as well as in the industry. When people told me stories about how our work transformed their lives it was such a delight. One other aspects that I loved about my time at Microsoft was the brilliant minds that I got to work with. Many are well regarded in the industry and it was an experience collaborating with them. I also learnt a lot - how to appreciate little things, how to value diverse perspectives, how to bounce back from failures, what does it take to be a true professional, how to build software, how to build a community… the list is rather long. Most importantly Microsoft also taught me the importance of giving. During this time, there was always something exciting to look forward to and now when I look back this has been an amazing journey. However, I am in an industry where we all love change. Here is my favorite quote on change from the father and inventor of PowerShell - Jeffrey Snover

So in the IT profession, we learn new things. If you didn’t want to learn new things, you should get into lumber. There has not been a new tree in quite a long time.


So I have decided to pursue change - an oppurtunity outside of Microsoft. This does not mean that change isn’t possible at Microsoft. Microsoft as a company has been constantly changing and I am proud of having been through the journey. However, cross pollination is good for the industry. That is how I feel we all learn. In fact that is how we also unlearn. Look at some of the big names at Microsoft. Many of them landed there with a lot of prior experience elsewhere in the industry. Also look at other big companies. There are many in leadership positions who started their careers at Microsoft. Varied experience and movement across companies seem to be doing good to the industry. It keeps the HR and Recruting departments busy with retention and hiring goals as well.

If you have friends or family from other companies looking for a change or just graduating and looking for an opportunity, I highly recommend Microsoft as a great place to work. The innovation and culture is something that I have always been proud of. Please do stay in touch. Whether it is talking technology, discussing charity or just having a cup of coffee I will be delighted to connect. You can follow me on Twitter @nanalakshmanan

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